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Organic Carpet Care Will Get Rid of Your Carpet Cleaning Worries For Good!

Upholstery cleaning is important to ensure a long, useful life for your furnishings. Soiling from constant usage, children, pets, and accidents create an ongoing need to maintain your upholstery before subtle damage becomes more difficult to resolve. Perspiration, greasy fingers, natural body oil, environmental contaminants from clothing or dust, and a variety of other things create conditions for stains to bond to your upholstery. Professional upholstery cleaning from Organic Carpet Care is advisable to restore and maintain your furniture. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Benefits Of Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

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Allergen Removal — Your furniture can work like a filter and by having it cleaned yearly you reduce the allergens in your home.

Longer Lasting Upholstery —  Dust can take a toll on upholstery fibers. It can cause your upholstery fabric to look dull and thin. Regular cleaning of your upholstery will remove dust and maintain your furniture longer.

Pleasing To The Eye — Steam cleaning upholstery is the best method to keep furniture looking its best. Regular cleaning will help keep your furniture looking new.

Fresh Smell — Over time your furniture traps odor and gives off an unpleasant smell. Having your upholstery cleaning by Organic Carpet Care keeps your upholstery smelling fresh.

Our upholstery cleaning process is thorough to ensure the best results. All cleaning agents are safe, environmentally friendly, and designed with the latest cleaning technologies. If you are in need of carpet cleaning services in Austin, jump to our steam cleaning page to see how we can provide a better deeper clean on all types of carpet floors.