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From Google Maps to Yelp and Facebook, Organic Carpet Care is a 5-star rated Austin company. We work hard to ensure the complete satisfaction of all of our clients. Find out for yourself by contacting us today!

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There is a perception that carpets cannot be kept clean and sanitary, and, therefore, they must significantly contribute to indoor environmental deterioration, especially air quality. This misconception has caused the removal of carpets in some places. Ineffective carpet cleaning services deprive Austin occupants of the desirable features carpet provides. Carpets are the most popular kind of flooring that many homeowners prefer due to their softness, look, and comfort — and we can extend the life of yours with our carpet cleaning service.

Aside from improving the appearance of a home and extending its life, professional carpet cleaning has many health benefits. Cleaning your home is not done simply for the visual effects. It is an investment in the wellness and health of those who live there. The American Lung Association recommendation for vacuuming is at least three times each week in homes that house asthma and snoring sufferers. Having carpets on a maintenance schedule to be professionally cleaned greatly extends the life of the carpet. Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions, or please feel free to reach out to us!

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What kind of benefits do you get with the carpet cleaning services from Organic Carpet Care in Austin? Well, there are simply too many to list! But, we’ll give it our best shot!

One of the things that truly makes us stand apart is that we can get the stains out that other carpet cleaners can’t. When you’re looking for a carpet cleaning service in the Austin area, do you want to turn to a company that may or may not be able to thoroughly clean your carpets? Of course not! You want guaranteed results! And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Organic Carpet Care. We offer a 30-DAY WARRANTY for our carpet cleaning services.

Our 30 Day Clean Carpet Guarantee

We are passionate about our carpet cleaning services. We take pride in our work, and we want to ensure that you have the very best carpet cleaning experience possible. Ultimately, we do this for our clients — and we simply aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied. And that’s why we offer our 30 Day Clean Carpet Guarantee. This is no gimmick. We take our time with our work. We pay meticulous attention to detail. We ensure that every aspect of our carpet cleaning service lives up to your standards.

If at any point you find an aspect of our work isn’t living up to your standards, then we will address the issue immediately. And after the carpet cleaning is complete, if there remains anything you are dissatisfied with, then we will clean it again — at absolutely no cost to you.

Our guarantee doesn’t stop there, however. If you are still not thrilled with the work from Organic Carpet Care, then we will refund you the price of the carpet cleaning, no questions asked. After all, we are in this business for you — our client. What kind of a carpet cleaning service would we be if we left anyone unsatisfied?

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The Benefits Don’t Stop There

We can tackle stains that other carpet cleaning services simply can’t handle. And, on top of that, we offer a warranty that ensures the quality of our work — as well as your satisfaction. But that’s just the tip of the tail when it comes to benefits of working with Organic Carpet Care. Our home carpet cleaners in Austin stand above the competition for many reasons. With our carpet cleaning services, we also offer guarantees that you’ll get:

  • Spots that won’t be coming back

  • Very fast dry times (one hour or less)

  • Hygienically clean carpets

  • Carpets that last three times longer

  • Fewer carpet cleanings required in the future

  • 100% safe processes for you, your children, pets, customers, employees, etc.

  • Carpets that smell fresher, longer

  • Low-moisture carpet cleaning (10x less than hot-water extraction)

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning services

You Won’t Have to Worry

Not only will you get peace of mind with our 30 Day Clean Carpet Guarantee, but you’ll also get peace of mind when it comes to all the things you won’t have to worry about. A lot of carpet cleaning services out there will be go about carpet cleaning in a way that ends up being a huge burden to your home or business. Not with Organic Carpet Cleaners. 

Are you worried that your carpet cleaning service will prop your doors open or drag hoses throughout your home? Are you troubled by the potential pollution of a carpet cleaning? Or maybe you’re concerned that a deep carpet cleaning will result in mold or mildew over time. Well, you can put your worries to rest. With Organic Carpet Cleaners, you can get peace of mind knowing that there will be:

A No Worries graphic

No Air Pollution

A No Worries graphic

No Noise Pollution

A No Worries graphic

No Water Pollution

A No Worries graphic

No Risk of Mold or Mildew

A No Worries graphic

No Hoses

A No Worries graphic

No Open Doors

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No Returning Stains

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned?

Although we use the industry recommendation of cleaning carpets annually, this can vary by household. Not every house is made equally. Take, for instance, a household that doesn’t have many residents and doesn’t experience all that much foot traffic. You also won’t find any pets in this home. This is a scenario where an annual carpet cleaning is plenty. Imagine an alternative scenario with a home that has many children, many pets, and many guests. With all of that extra dander, dirt, dust, and debris, more frequent carpet cleaning can definitely be useful. This is especially true if there is anyone in your home who is sensitive to dust or dander or happens to have severe allergies. 

Of course, there are also situations where you might need home carpet cleaners due to a single event. Maybe you’re throwing a big summer pool party or you just got back from a long camping trip and you tracked in a bunch of mud. There are instances where a vacuum just won’t do the job. That’s when you can reach out to professional home carpet cleaners in Austin.

All in all, there is no hard and fast rule for how often you should get carpet cleaning services. The general recommendation of an annual carpet cleaning can work for a lot of folks, but don’t let this be your guide. Take a look at your carpets and your household’s specific needs. And, of course, you can always reach out to us with your questions!

What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Service Organic?

Our carpet cleaning service has “organic” right in the name. But what does that mean? Well, we are concerned about the potential environmental impact that a lot of carpet cleaning services have. With traditional carpet cleaning services, there is likely to be a variety of pollution — from air pollution to water pollution. We didn’t want that to be the case with our services.

At Organic Carpet Care, we only use certified natural, non-toxic, safe products to achieve the most thorough green cleaning you’ve seen. We do this by partnering with Pure Life Organic Cleaning, an Austin-based organic cleaning company. We are always looking to partner with other green companies. You can learn more by visiting our Green Partners page.

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